Seeking a Scholarship: Simple Steps

Today, students are exposed to a wealth of resources, at their digital disposal, offering advice on careers, universities, financial aid and setting personal goals. It can be quite overwhelming.

Seeking financial assistance to fund education is significant and the process is serious and competitive, and this can be extremely stressful. The digital directory endeavours to alleviate some of the stress. We offer the full listings of the scholarships and financial assistance provided locally, and advertisements featuring the details of exceptional funding opportunities complemented by rewarding career possibilities.

Our editorial articles cover a wide range of topics, from developing your emotional intelligence to empowering words of wisdom to inspire and motivate young people to reach their goals, as well as our careers series and tips on writing a dazzling application form.

We encourage students to take the time to review the details of the scholarships available in Cayman, and for businesses who have not submitted the details of their scholarships to contact:

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