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Getting Started: How to Select a Scholarship

by Lisa Beauchamp Jan 20, 2021

Depending on the institution/business/trust providing the scholarship, they can take various forms. Some are aimed at high achievers with proven academic abilities within their field, and some provide financial assistance to those students who are in most need. Some scholarships take both merit and need into consideration. 


It is important to ask yourself the following questions before you start searching for a suitable scholarship: 


What are my goals and ambitions?  

What do I love to do? 

What do I hope to accomplish with my life? 

In my current position, what options are available to me? 

Which colleges and universities offer the areas of study that will help me to achieve my goals? 

What financial assistance do I need? (if any) 

Which scholarships are available at the educational institutions where I wish to study? 

Which scholarships am I eligible to apply for? 

Which company in the Cayman Islands offers me the best scholarship opportunity to pursue my goals and dream career? 

How can I impress the companies who I apply to for a scholarship? 

What qualities and skills do I possess that will me stand out during the selection process? 


Now take the time to focus on your goals, opportunities, completing the applications and most of all – your studies.

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