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Career Corner: Ideas for English Majors

by Stephanie Koathes Jan 20, 2021

If you're studying English or have graduated with an English degree, it can be challenging to answer the question, "what are you going to do with it?" There are many dynamic career fields that someone with an English major can dive into.


Content marketing

English majors are perfect for content marketing roles. In content marketing, you need to create clear and engaging communications in line with a corporation's marketing strategy. This can include writing press releases, working on promotional strategies and campaigns, writing company blogs, copywriting and editing.


Social media

Another aspect of marketing that plays to an English major's strengths is social media marketing. To work in social media marketing you need to have the creativity that most people who study English possess. You'll be involved in strategizing the best ways to promote a business or even via social media and implementing these.


Public relations

English majors have a way with words which is why public relations is a great area for their talents. You'll need to be able to tell a compelling story about a person, brand or product. The strong writing skills, creativity and storytelling capabilities of English majors will help them craft these messages and generate media attention.


Technical writing

Technical writers are the minds behind the instructional manuals and supporting documents that come with all sorts of products. They're responsible for translating complicated technical information into terms that regular people can easily understand. This kind of job doesn't call on an English major's creativity, but it will make use of their ability to write clearly and concisely.  


ESL Teacher

One of the best ways to get to travel and live around the world is by teaching English as a second language. Native English speakers, particularly those with very strong, clear oral and written communication skills and flawless English are always in demand. If you're an English major this should fit your skillset.







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