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Application Forms: Tips on Staying Ahead

by Lisa Beauchamp Jan 20, 2021

Competition to win a scholarship is tougher than ever as more students are applying for these prestigious and highly sought-after awards. 


What makes some students stand out more than others?  


Here are some tips on making your application stand out: 


Get a head start – start doing your research early, don't wait until the last minute and rush your application.  


Do your research – are you qualified for the scholarship you are applying for? Don't waste your time or the receiving scholarship committee's time, if you don't qualify. Take your time to research which scholarships you are eligible to apply for.  


Read instructions carefully – once, twice, three times. Check the requirements – writing an essay, completing a form, a combination of both, submitting references. If you're unsure, ask a teacher or counselor. Make sure you understand what the business/institution awarding the scholarship expects from you and follow those instructions precisely. 


Take your time – give your application the time, concentration and dedicated preparation it deserves. 


Check your spelling – your application represents you on paper, which means it reflects who you are, careless spelling errors make you appear sloppy. Pay close attention to detail. Ask a friend, parent, teacher to proof read the final version of your application form. 


Be thorough – answer every question, don't leave any boxes blank. 


Relevance – include all relevant information about your experience, your interests, and goals, which are compatible with the scholarship on offer. 


Sell yourself – highlight your strengths and accomplishments, most all of – be yourself, honest and open. 


References – ask people who know you well to write letters of recommendation, be sure to request that they clearly reveal in what capacity they know you. 


Make a copy for yourself of your completed application. 


Finally, wait patiently to be invited for an interview! 

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