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Harneys Legal and Non-Legal Scholarships


Legal Scholarships: Our legal scholarships are offered to students pursuing law degrees, post-graduate conversion courses and post-graduate qualifying courses such as the Professional Practice Course, the Legal Practice Course and the Bar Professiona...

Local Law School Scholarship

Education Council c/o Ministry of Education

To pursue undergraduate and postgraduate study at the local law school, full time or part time.

Maples Group Legal Scholarship

The Maples Group is pleased to have awarded over 100 scholarships totalling nearly US$6M in academic assistance, since 1994. The Group's scholarships are intended to provide assistance for appropriately qualified Caymanians who may have limited finan...

Walkers Legal Scholarship

Walkers Global

Walkers awards legal scholarships to high performing Caymanian students who have demonstrated a level of academic achievement which indicates they could eventually undertake articles with Walkers and work for the firm as lawyers. Successful applicant...

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