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Lets face it,  it’s not just up to teachers, counsellors and parents to guide, motivate and embolden students; as a community we need to support our youth.

We too have a responsibility as family members, friends, employers, to invest time and energy in helping our students to aim high and succeed in life.

We must encourage them to focus on their goals and ambitions, work hard to achieve excellent results, while being responsible for themselves and respectful to everyone who they interact with.

Students nowadays have more chances at furthering their education than our parents and grandparents did. For years, the Cayman Government has been perceived as the number one source for offering scholarships.

Nowadays, thanks to the proactive approaches of local and international businesses in Cayman, more businesses are being a ‘friend to the community’

Committing to developing young Caymanians through their scholarship and internship programmes is an ongoing effort for many private sector companies and business.

Scholarships can enable students to study overseas, maybe even gain some work experience in far away locations like Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore, exposing them to life outside of Cayman.

However, the main objective is to encourage Caymanian students to return to Cayman with a wealth of knowledge, and to focus on a steady career path here at home.

Not every student is going to be successful in applying for a scholarship or internship, so we must endeavour to mentor and motivate them to persevere, work hard and always participate in training opportunities to improve their skill sets.

Its up to each and every one of us to be a Friend to the Community and invest time and money in our Caymanian youth.

What we do
We publish two magazine directories annually – Cayman Scholarships Directory (March) that promotes scholarships available in Cayman, and Cayman Scholarships Recipients Directory (September) that showcases the students who have been awarded scholarships, highlighting their goals and expectations.
In addition, offers online resources to students looking to apply for scholarships in Cayman. Scholarships are designed to enable students to have access to education. Let’s make them aware of the possibilities available!

This is what is available to you
Cayman Scholarships Directory is a comprehensive guide to the scholarships available in Cayman.

Tips and advice on all aspects of the application and interviewing process.

Seek direction and inspiration from our partners, media and experts.

Our creative minds will help you make your education dreams possible.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”Martin Luther King, Jr.


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